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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To Friends Near and Far:

Blogging has always been a way to get things off my chest and share with friends and family the things that I have been up to. My number one reader was always my grandmother. So after taking many months off from blogging, I am now back to my blog with one less influential reader.

Granny passed away peacefully on October 31, 2012. She had been suffering pancreatic cancer for over a year now and her body had gotten weak. It was so heartbreaking to watch her suffer and I am thankful that we didn't watch her suffer any longer than she did. Granny loved living and loved doing. In the recent months, she lost the will to do those things which made it hard on us. Granny may have lost her battle with Cancer but she won the battle with Jesus. I know that Granny is living pain free and cancer free in the most wonderful heaven with her husband. We will miss her dearly but I know she is always with us.

To friends and family near and far:
Your comments and messages have been appreciated more than you could ever know. Thank you for each kind word, thought, and prayer for our family. We are beyond grateful to have such kind friends and family that are always there for us. Thank you for the food, flowers, cards, and everything else that you have given us during this time. Each of you have made this process easier. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you have done for us. We are forever grateful.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to Someone Special

Happy 21st birthday my love! I haven't known you all 21 years of your life but in the 4 years I have known you, I have fallen head over heels for you. You are the most driven, confident, and hardworking person I know. You strive to be better than the best and live each day with a purpose. You have taught me many things and inspired me to be better. I can't wait to spend many more birthdays with you. I wish you many years of happiness! Cheers to you!! Happy birthday Blake, I love you!

Monday, April 30, 2012

My Insurance Agent

As a horrible week comes to an end, what is the best way to make it better... I personally believe Chick-Fil-A breakfast on a crisp Friday morning. A few weeks ago, I had probably the worst week I have had in a very long time. It was one of those weeks where nothing goes your way and things just never work out they way you thought they would. Well I guess you could ad my morning breakfast stop as another part of my week that didn't work out the way I thought it would have. As I am sitting in the drive thru, the car in front of my gets their food and slowly starts to move away. I casually take my foot off the brake and begin to roll. Well I rolled into the lady who just got her breakfast. Thinking it wasn't that big of a deal, I assumed I would pull over after I got my breakfast. Um.. No. The lady in front of my immediately started cussing me out telling me to pull over (I am leaving out the dirty words...because they are just plain awful). I simply try to tell her that once I get my food I will pull right over, but she wasn't having any of that. I yelled out of my window at the drive thru attendant to cancel my order... obviously I wasn't going to have time to eat anyways now. As soon as I pull over and get out of the car, this woman lets me have it. She calls me every name in the book and downright scares the living crap out of me. I looked around wondering if there was anyone who could save me if she decided to kill me, and sure enough two managers we're coming outside- and I think thats because they genuinely thought she was going to kill me. I immediately burst into tears because well, its just been one of those weeks. Not a scratch, ding, bump, or flaw on her car or mine but she had already called the cops on me. She proceeds to tell the cop I was texting and driving- which I CERTAINLY was not. The cop tells us that both our cars and ourselves were physically fine so there was no need for him to be there. Well... lets just call her "star" expressed that she felt fine right now, but she was sure her back would be hurting later. I had no idea that someone could have a hurt back from being rolled into by someone in a drive thru going less than one mile per hour. And the worst part of all of this... the manager brought me my breakfast out as my distraught self was trying to get in my car, and simply said "That will be 5.34." So yes, I had to pay for a breakfast order that I had canceled, that I no longer wanted because I was so upset, and a breakfast order I didn't even have time to eat because I was late for class. Why this lady chose to act the way she did towards me... I am not sure. I do know that I didn't deserve that for it was only an accident. Soon enough, she called to file a claim on me for a non-damaged car. I know I am not the smartest in insurance, but I do know that it is impossible to file a claim when your car is not even the slightest bit damaged. She tried to play the wrong person that Friday morning... When you take someone's information down with the name of Lauren Corley and their insurance agent being Mike Corley of Corley Insurance Agency, you my friend are not going to win the game of fraud.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tori's One Year of Survival

Today marks the day that Tori was diagnosed with her brain tumor one year ago. She and her family have endured pain and suffering like I cannot imagine. Her family has been tested and they have held together throughout it all. I pray that each of you keep Tori and her family in your prayers today and every day. No 8 year old should have to grow up as fast as Tori has had to grow up. She has such a beautiful soul and her bravery is something I could never have. Tori brings joy to everyone and brings so much love and joy into my life. I feel that God brought me closer to Tori to teach me a lot about life. I feel spiritually closer to god and the entire Svenson family. I pray for each of them every single night before I go to bed and every morning before I start my day. I hope that each of you join me in praying for the Svenson's as Tori is due to finish chemo in July. You can read below what Penny Svenson (mom) wrote on her carepages about today. It just shows the hardships the family has faced and all that they have become. Love you all dearly.

"Today is the one year anniversary of Tori being diagnosed with a brain tumor and her official "Survivor Birthday"! She wants to celebrate, so we will. I remember every detail of a year ago. From the moment we tucked her in bed the night before the MRI, to praying for her as we tucked her in, and her asking, "What if I am sick like Madi?" I remember meeting Mrs. Jenny in the lobby of The Medical Center, as Tori handed her the money she raised for the Relay for Life pageant in honor of Daniel Moseley and Madi Douglas, who is no longer with us and has already lost her battle with cancer. I even remember the atmosphere in the room, we were in with Tori, changing. The nurse was working on our discharge paperwork and had already told us we would follow up with Dr. Cheek. I don't know when the nurse left the room and returned. I do know that is when the atmosphere changed and she said, "The doctor needs to talk to you." My insides were already quivering, because I knew it wouldn't be good news, but you can't imagine what it is like to physically hear those words! It was like I had been punched in the stomach, like I couldn't breathe, like I wanted to run and scream, but never leave Tori's side, like I needed to collapse...I remember Tori gazing up at me, not realizing what was going on, as I grabbed the railing of the bed to try and stop my body from shaking, as tears streamed down my face. Dr. LoDuca, we later found out, had never had to break that news to a parent without even having seen them before and he said it was one of the hardest days of his career. This explains why he couldn't look at us when he entered the room. Todd felt anger that he wouldn't look at us, but I believe that was coupled with the fear of what we were about to hear. I even remember the phone calls I made. I first called my dad and said, "I need you." I knew I couldn't make that phone call to my mom. She literally went into shock after my dad broke the news to her. I then called Brittany Haines, because I knew she would go into support mode and begin to let people know. We cried together and she then began to notify our friends. I then called Nana Carol. She said, "I have to go, so I can gather myself and I will call you back," through her own tears. We were told to go home and pack and get to CHOA Egleston, but first we had to sit down and break the news to Hunter. That is the first time Tori cried, because Hunter began to cry. The Fort Benning community, beginning with neighbors, began to rally around us. Before we could leave, the neighbors across the street were there to get Hunter from us, without even having to ask. I reflect on the trials of this past year, for there have been many! Cancer will literaly test the fiber of your family and test you in ways you can't imagine, until you are in the fight! Some of the hardest days were radiation, watching Tori be so sick and lose her hair. We were now living "the movie" that portrays the side effects of cancer and I wanted to turn it off, but realized I couldn't. Not that I am complaining, but this journey ages the caregiver. In the beginning, you are in shock for so long that you lie awake until all hours of the night. You liteally live in fear! There is a tremendous fear of you losing your child to this battle and having to plan her funeral. The stress and lack of sleep, the fear of losing her and anxiety over finances and so much more, that have literally aged me.
All of this being said, there comes a time when you realize God has chosen you to walk this journey and you must be in His will and "do something" with it! Knowing Tori's "light" and faith has helped others ask Jesus into their hearts makes it all worth it, and I mean that with every part of my being. I had such a guilt in the beginning of not wanting to see Tori suffer! I REALLY "thought" of the ultimate sacrifice made by God and the suffering He had to watch. That changed the way I approached this journey. Don't get me wrong, I didn't praise God for choosing us for this journey immediately. I was sad, but not mad. I wanted to know why He had chose us, because it is an "us"...the entire family is affected by this journey and made to walk it. I know, now, that it IS a privilge to be asked to walk this journey!
There have been MANY blessings along the way!! So many wonderful people that have come into our lives throughout this past year. Mr. Dan "Uggla" and Ms. Janette...their sincere love for Tori is heartwarming. Lauren Alaina, to this day, continues to call and text Tori just to check on her, The Joy FM and all there (to hear them mention Tori by name in prayer on the radio, brings tears to my eyes every time), our family at Cascade Hills Church, Laura and Cassie Lee, Clemmie Jordan, Sherri Hill, Keith Pittman, The Robertson family, Cindy Linton and Jason Clutter,Lauren Corley Bambi Harrell, The Douglas family, Jamie, Kristin and sweet Ella Goudie, Dr, LoDuca, everyone from The Brain Tumor Foundation, The Rally Foundation, Make A Wish, all the wonderful people we met at The Night of Wine and Roses in South Carolina, Dr. Janss, our favorite nurse at Egleston, Ms. Angie. There are so many others and I apologize if I didn't mention you by name, but know that you have been a blessing in our lives. There is one very special person that I must acknowledge. God made a special Angel He knew He would place in our lives, as this did not catch Him by surprise, and that Angel is Leighton Jordan! Leighton is a light and a comfort unto us. She brings joy to each of us, but the joy she brings to Tori is beyond words! Tori's true and sincere love for Leighton, and vice-versa, is honestly priceless! There is a comfort beyond measure there. She has chosen to walk this journey with us, through the good and the bad, and she has made this walk an easier one to walk. She does everything in her power to bring Tori happiness and to make it an easier journey; a joyful journey! As Dr. Purvis said, if you see one, you see the other! I wouldn't want it any other way! I also want to thank all of friends and family that have chosen to continue to walk this journey with us. So many of you have been there from the beginning! Maddie and Jillian have made a true effort to be there for Tori on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, there have been many other friends there for Tori along her journey and you know who you are...thank you! As we continue to reflect on this day, we grieve for what was and what is, but we do celebrate Tori's one year survivor birthday!! She wants to go to The Loft and eat, so we will. This is her day and I know that she continues to honor God in her daily walk with Him. Seeing her grow in her faith throughout this last year has been an amazing journey in itself! As I have said before, it is an honor God chose to loan her to us and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world!! "

Monday, February 6, 2012

Amanda's Bachelorette Weekend

This past weekend 8 girls traveled to Highlands, North Carolina to celebrate Amanda's bachelorette weekend in the mountains. I have been stressed ever since November trying to plan her bachelorette, and I am kinda sad it's all over with now. We had the absolute best time this past weekend. It was full of fun, relaxation, laughing, and girl time. We painted wine glasses, played games, relaxed, and embraced Amanda with bachelorette fun :) I think everyone's favorite part was going to Old Edward's Inn on Saturday. We all went to the spa to spend the day to relax and get massages. We all can agree that each of us have never been that relaxed in our entire lives. It was exactly what everyone needed. The place was absolutely beautiful and so incredibly serene. It was like a dream come true honestly. None of us wanted to leave. When we got back to the house after the Spa we got ready and had Amanda's bachelorette party and lingerie shower. We had so much fun with all of the games and presents. I hope this weekend was everything Amanda had hoped for and more. She is truly one of my best friends and I am so thankful as well as honored to be a part of her special day! I am sure one day she will be helping plan my very own bachelorette :)

Girls before dinner!

This is Elmer... Amanda came up with the name haha!
The beautiful bachelorette!
Fun questions!
Girls at dinner!
Everyone relaxing at the spa!

Goofing around with my best friend!! 

This coming weekend Blake and I are headed to a monogram shower for Amanda. We are so excited for all the showers coming up! The wedding will be here before we know it!! Hope everyone has a great week while I will be studying for 5 days straight for all of my test this week! Enjoy your week!

XO Lauren

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year - New Me

There isn't just one word to describe 2011 for me. It was a whirlwind of emotions and definitely a learning experience. This past year I have grown as a person more than I ever have. I am in a great place in my life and I am eager to see what the new year brings for myself, my family, my love, and my friends. I have learned so much about myself in the past year, and I know it has made me a better person. I hope to help more people this year, spend more time with family and friends, continue to grow in my relationship, get even closer to God, and overall become a better person. I am wishing each and every one of you a year of love, happiness, and hope!

My main wish for this year is for Tori Svenson to beat her battle with cancer and start living the life of a beautiful 8 year old. I wish her a year with no pain, no suffering, and NO cancer! I hope Tori gets to travel to Hawaii with the Make a Wish Foundation and I hope she and her family can start living again after her treatments are over. Wishing the entire Svenson family love, wealth, happiness, and strength!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

I know I am a little late on updating about Christmas this year but I will still fill yall in anyways :) As most of you know, I was able to help the Svenson's with their Christmas this year since they were unable to have the true Christmas they deserve. I got word that they were completely overwhelmed with joy and happiness that they all cried Christmas morning. This family fills my heart with love and joy and I feel so blessed to have been able to spend some time with them this Christmas. (Tori goes in tomorrow for another round of chemo that lasts a week. Please keep her in your prayers!)

Christmas was a little different this year for me. Being in a serious relationship means having to compromise with one another, and with our families living an hour away, Blake and I had to make some compromises. We decided that he would be here all day on Christmas Eve for church and for our party and that I would spend all of Christmas day at his grandmother's (since he came here for Thanksgiving). I woke up at my house and opened presents real quick before my Grandmother, aunt, and uncle came over. Since I wasn't going to be able to see them that night at Christmas dinner, we settled for breakfast instead. After, I went up to Blake's house and we enjoyed a very yummy lunch at Betty's house. After we went to Grandmother's and opened presents. Blake being the person he is who HATES being surprised already knew what his gift was and that was only because he was driving me crazy... trying to figure out what it was- so I gave in. He opened his gifts on Christmas Eve from me since he couldn't stand it any longer (typical man). I gave him a Filson duffle bag that he had been wanting and he loved it. I however opened my gifts from Blake last on Christmas morning because I don't find it fun annoying someone about what they are getting me haha. Blake gave me the most gorgeous black pearl earrings... I love them so much I haven't taken them off since Christmas! He also gave me a quilted Ralph Lauren jacket which is a jacket I picked out forever ago and he found it... without even knowing I had wanted it! He is a smart smart man! We exchanged gifts with Austin, Alex, and Amanda as well. We had SO much fun watching Austin ride around on his new little four wheeler we got him! He was adorable. I had an amazing Christmas and hope each and every one of you did as well.
Opening gifts

Blake with his bag and his new sweater
After church on Christmas Eve
Most of the family on Dad's side
Austin LOVED his new toy from Aunt Lala and Uncle Blake
Merry Christmas!